Mayumi was born in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. As a Jazz singer, Mayumi has an exceptional history. While giving birth and raising two children, Mayumi was a graduate student who defended her thesis, receiving PhD in Dental Medicine. After receiving her PhD, she continued to walk the path of scientist by working at university’s genetic engineering lab. Having the history of being a Kimono queen and using her beauty, she also worked as a fashion model.
However, due to her busy schedule and increasing stress, she suffered from depression. While fighting depression, she realized that singing relieved her stress and saved her.
Originally having an interest in jazz long time ago, she began to attend jazz school in 2007, and her talent as a jazz singer bloomed. In 2009, her career as jazz singer started at Niigata prefecture. She moved to San Jose, California the following year and joined many jam sessions with local musicians, where she caught many musicians’ attention. This led to many performances with famous Bay Area musicians.
She actively performs at bars, restaurants, and hotels in Bay Area, Monterey, Orange County, and Las Vegas, and has appeared in San Jose Jazz Festival as well. Her success is not only seen in America, but in Japan as well. She tours Japan every year, attracting many people to her concerts.
In both Japan and America, she is able to fascinate her audience with every performance she does. Her final goal is to travel around the world so that many fans and audience outside of these countries will be able to listen to her voice live.